Award Winning Project.

Everyday Pakistan is an organization/community dedicated to elevating and celebrating the work of visual storytellers from Pakistan. Our goal is to help create opportunities for members of our community to learn through mentorship and educational programs, to work by connecting them to various funding and employment opportunities, to publish and exhibit their work by connecting them to editors and curators and finally to provide a platform for collaboration and community building. We are particularly interested in supporting emerging photographers.

Our growing visual directory consists primarily of local photographers working in documentary and fine art photography and hopes to connect the world to the creators and the creators to the world.

Meet The Team

Anas Saleem



Anas Saleem is a freelance journalist & photographer based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He is the founder of Everyday Pakistan, an award-winning visual storytelling project documenting daily life in Pakistan. He believes in the medium of photography as the very essence of social change. Anas is also a member of the Advisory Board of The Everyday Projects.

His bylines are published in Global Voices, Huffpost, Express News, Hindustan Times, Advox, Youth Ki Awaaz, and Dunya News. He has been featured in Quartz, Gulf News, DW, Indian Express, Dawn, Asian Photography Magazine, Firstpost, Scroll, Pakistan Today, AlJazeera’s The Stream, Jang, and The Wire. Currently, he is a Mass Communication student at GC University Faisalabad.

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Ramna Saeed

Community Lead


Ramna Saeed is a journalist and human rights activist hailing from Gujranwala, Pakistan. Her outstanding work as an advocate against sexual harassment and for the protection of human rights has garnered widespread recognition.

She regularly contributes Vlogs to BBC and Ary News and has been featured on different TV Channels. In 2022, she was awarded the prestigious Diana Award in recognition of her social action and humanitarian efforts.

Ramna studied Media & Communications at St. Cloud State University as part of the Global Ugrad Pakistan Fellowship program. She also served as a Cultural Ambassador of Pakistan in America and has been a part of Peace Without Borders and Salamti Fellowship.

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Our Values

1. Truth in storytelling

Photography and visual journalism connect and inform, but too often are used to create misleading, one-dimensional impressions of many parts of the world. In the right hands, images have the power to dismantle harmful misperceptions, and can be a force for amplifying perspectives of people and communities that, for too long, have been marginalized.

2. Context

Focusing on the “everyday” does not mean that we focus solely on the positive. Everyone’s daily lives, after all, consist of a broad spectrum of experience. When photographing the issues of our time, we do so with an eye toward greater context and human impact – we believe that news photography’s focus on generating sensationalized “iconic images” has served to further stereotype people and places across the globe.

3. Community

The “Community” value emphasizes the importance of building a supportive and collaborative network of individuals who share a common passion for photography. It highlights the need to recognize that we can all learn from each other and that by working together, we can elevate ourselves and the entire community.

4. Education

In order to effect lasting change, we must endeavor to reach young people, using our imagery in classrooms to demonstrate the urgent necessity of challenging toxic stereotypes and thwarting the urge to regard the “other” as exotic.